One Easy Way to Bring Direction Back to Your Life

I have a health goal. Well actually I have about 4 health goals. I have a goal at work. I have a goal in my relationships. I have a goal about quality time spent with my family. I have a financial goal. I have … it all becomes a bit overwhelming. How do I focus on quality over quantity?

I found my solution to this in Jon Gordon’s book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, Expanded Edition:

“Ugh, I’ve already read that book. Old news.”

… Hold on, stay with me. Even if you’ve already experienced this book, I find it extremely beneficial to have a few reminders and a bit of a tune up. And if you haven’t experienced it, go ahead and add it to your Amazon cart.

I’m not going to explain the entire book to you, just some key points and some advice I’ve found helpful after doing this for a few years now.

The process this book explains is meant to be used on a yearly basis. Some people start at the beginning of a new year. Many teachers use the beginning of the school year. I have a friend that uses her anniversary of quitting smoking. Some just use the date they first read the book.

As you read, it will walk you through a process of finding a word, ONE WORD, that describes what you need or want to focus on in all aspects of your life for the next year. Think how lengthy the goals you’ve have in the past have been. Choosing just one word can be difficult and clarifying all at once.

For example, the first year I did this and we used it for a school retreat, my word was Balance. I was navigating this new season of life and finding a new normal. I needed to figure out how to balance work and home. But as I focused on this word throughout the year, I realized I needed balance in my finances, health and relationships as well.

Sharing is Caring

After you work through the process to find your word, I have found the most important part for me is sharing my word with others. They don’t even need to be reading the book or going through the process with you. Tell people around you your word and why you chose it. Why? The moments in life you need to reflect on that word most and lean into it are often difficult and you may not think of it on your own. It helps to have others around you to help remind you of your focus that year.

Its an accomplishment to me when I have a problem and someone in my life just has to ask, “Are you being (insert my word)?”

Another way to keep your word in the focus of your mindset is to post it in multiple places. I’ve found quotes with my word and posted them at work and home. The more situations I can apply my word, the more I’m going to feel at the end of the year, that I’ve really ACCOMPLISHED that word. I always post my word on my vision board as well. Read more about vision boards in an upcoming blog!

Here’s where many of you are. You’ve read this book before. You did the process once or twice. I charge you to find your book and reread it before you find a new word. Especially my teachers, before school starts, set aside the 20 minutes to reread and reflect. What do you want this year to be full of? What transformation do you expect to see of yourself? What word do you want people to think of when they think of you?

What’s your word?!? Share with us here in the comments.

Go Be Brave Friends!


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