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Hi! I’m Lena!

I am a wife, daughter, elementary educator, fiercely loyal friend, Texan and total type-A kind of girl. I feel that I need things planned because my natural inclination is to assume the worst, hope for the best. It takes work to overcome that mindset, and that’s where part of this blog started.. my journaling and self-evaluations to keep my mindset in check. I hope they can help or spark something within you as well.

A Pillar

Education is a pillar in my life and my story. I have the privilege every day to educate elementary-aged students as well as share education on natural health solutions and essential oils to families looking to clean out some of the toxic chemicals in their household.


– Affiliation Disclosure –

If you purchase anything from the links on the Balance Bravely blog, I may receive some kind of affiliate compensation. However, I only ever mention products I love and would recommend whether I was being compensated or not. Thank you so much for your support of Balance Bravely!


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