5 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is a must have in our household and should be in yours as well.

Peppermint essential oil is a great place to start on your essential oil journey. It is a scent and taste that are familiar. The pure essential oil has a variety of practical uses to support your family’s health and wellness naturally.

One of the best aspects of peppermint essential oil is that it is safe to use topically (dilution is highly recommended), aromatically and internally.

It is so important in our household that we actually keep different bottles in different locations throughout our home and personal items. I have a bottle in the kitchen for cooking, a bottle in the bathroom for hygiene and first aid purposes, a bottle at work and a bottle in the car/my purse.

Let’s get into the practical ways we use all those bottles on a regular basis and you could too!

1. For A Natural Energy Boost

Peppermint has a very invigorating scent. It is bright, fresh and awakening.

Rather than slamming those 3 energy drinks to stay up while studying, try diffusing peppermint to support focus and concentration. Rosemary and Wild Orange are a great addition to diffuse as well.

Keep it in the car or your purse for a natural pick-me-up during long car rides or when you are stuck in traffic. You can apply a drop to the back of your neck or simply smell from the bottle. You can also use it in a handy USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser like this one.

Try diluting it and rubbing it on your temples or back of your neck in the morning or before a workout for an extra energy boost.

2. Relief From Occasional Head Tension

Dilution is key when it comes to a oil as hot as peppermint. Diluted peppermint essential oil applied to the base of the neck and temples can help support occasional head tension.

We dilute our peppermint in 10 ml roller bottles like these with about 20 drops of essential oil and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil. Shake it and then just roll it on whenever you need tension support.

3. Tummy Troubles

There is absolutely nothing worse than occasional tummy troubles. This is one of the main reasons I keep peppermint essential oil on hand at all times. You never know when a tummy trouble is going to pop up.

That meal did not settle right, you overate or maybe there’s another issue that is causing your stomach to be upset. Regardless of what’s causing this discomfort, peppermint essential oil is a great tool to support it naturally. It can help reduce bloating, gas and occasional indigestion.

You can apply the essential oil topically on to the bottom of your feet and right across your stomach. I like to put a drop into my belly button. When I’m just feeling queezy, I will diffuse it with ginger or wild orange.

You can also take Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Peppermint essential oil internally!

⇒ Add 1-2 drops in a 4 oz glass of water and drink.
⇒ Add 1-2 drops in a veggie cap and fill the rest with olive oil before taking.
⇒ Try 1 drop into your warm tea. You only need one!

4. When Your Body Is Overheated

There are many reasons your body could become too hot, and in those moments it is extremely empowering to have a natural solution to try first with our family members.

In the summer or when we are not feeling well, we will add a few drops to a water spritz and spray on our back and chest. (Make sure to shake the bottle before each use because the oil and water will separate.)

Add a drop or two to a cold water compress and apply to your skin, or try adding it to a foot bath to cool off when overheated.

5. Bugs Be Gone

Next chance you get, read the ingredients and warnings on the ant or spider repellent you have in your home. It is alarming to say the least.

But guess what! Peppermint essential oil is a natural non-toxic way to repel insects like spiders and ants from your home.

We add peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle of water, shake it and spray the window and door jams around our home, and it has dramatically helped with our insect issues.

I also apply a drop of peppermint and Terrashield blend to my active shoes before going on a jog through wooded trails. Together, they help repel those little critters.

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