Makeover My Medicine Cabinet

As for my family, we will try a natural solution first.

We all know there are products in our home (in our medicine cabinet, in our bathrooms and in our cleaning supplies) that have toxic chemicals. We work so hard to baby and puppy-proof these cabinets, but maybe there’s another way.

Let’s try something new.

Why don’t we try to find alternatives to those toxic chemicals with some natural products that will support our family’s wellness rather than possibly harm them? We can do that with CPTG essential oils. Let’s learn how to get them in your home, and I’ll provide you continuing education on how to use them in your home.

Why choose doTERRA?

There are many factors that set doTERRA products apart from all other essential oil products on the market. The most important in my mind is the purity and potency standards they set. All their oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and you can learn more on that at

To sum it up, they harvest plants from where they naturally grow around the world for the most potent chemistry, and they set internal standards for the purest oils available.

Bottom line: If you’re going to use them around and on your family… they need to be the best. 

“But those natural solutions and essential oils are SO expensive!”

That’s where our free download comes in! doTERRA has an amazing Loyalty Rewards Program for wholesale members. This FREE Downloadable step-by-step guide will walk you through how to not only get the most versatile essential oils in your home, but also how to maximize your discounts and FREE PRODUCT credits!

(I just cashed in over $150 in free product credits from my LRP on any products I wanted!! Very few products are excluded from credits.) Become part of our Balance Bravely community below and you’ll receive this guide for free in your email.

Once you’re a part of our Balance Bravely Community, you’ll receive our free Makeover My Medicine Cabinet guide as well as continuing education on how to utilize these natural solutions in a multitude of ways around your home. These ideas will include ways to support your family’s health and sleep naturally as well as using them to make safe cleaning products.

Our blog posts are another great reference for ways to use these essential oils and natural products as well! Browse or search through our previous posts for more practical ideas.

“I’ll think about it…”

Now is the time. Don’t wait until you’re in a dire situation, you or your family member is miserable and you’re wanting a natural solution to turn to. Because those moments will hit you, and they’ll hit like a freight train.

Have these natural solutions available at your fingertips before those moments hit you. You’ll be amazed how empowering it feels when you not only have a solution but it’s generally a simple one to try.

How does this align with Balance Bravely?

An important pillar to maintaining balance in our lives is our continuing progress in our health and wellness, and we owe it to our families to be prepared and educated.

So go Be Brave, Friends! Join our community and learn how to support your family’s wellness without breaking the bank! What do you have to lose? You have much more to gain.