Perfect Pairings – doTERRA Lavender and Chamomile

We are continuing our Perfect Pairings series with doTERRA Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils! First, we’ll explain how to use each oil. Then, we’ll discuss how to best blend them together and why you should be utilizing this pair in your household with the entire family!

First, Why Perfect Pairings?

Where did this idea of Perfect Pairings come from? doTERRA has a large variety of products to support health and happiness. It has become overwhelming for me at times to delve in and learn about all they have to offer, so I began to imagine that others may have had a similar experience.

Many of us start with the Top 10 doTERRA essential oils: Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Oregano, Deep Blue, OnGuard, Digestzen and Breathe. (More information on how to purchase them at a discounted rate here.)

Starting with these 10 oils can help the learning feel much more manageable. After we learn about these Top 10 and we begin to gain from their therapeutic benefits, we often wonder… where do I go next with these natural solutions doTERRA has to offer?

Alas… the Perfect Pairings idea was born!

Here at Balance Bravely, we have taken each of the Top 10 oils that you may already be familiar with, and we found what we believe (totally our opinion) to be its Perfect Essential Oil Pairing. Let’s get into our next pair!

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is in that list of Top 10 oils. We love that it has practical physical uses as well as emotional uses. Our favorite ways to use this oil include:

⇒ Get too close to the stove? Insect get to your skin? Apply doTERRA lavender to help soothe your skin.
⇒ Add to a warm bath to soak away stressful feelings.
⇒ Can support a clean and healthy looking scalp.
⇒ Supports the feeling of clear breathing.
⇒ May support healthy immune function during times of seasonal threats.
⇒ Diffuse or apply topically to support calm, peaceful feelings.

doTERRA Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is often used in herbal teas and bath products. It has a calming effect on the emotions, skin and different systems throughout the body. With a pure form of chamomile like doTERRA’s Roman Chamomile, you can utilize it aromatically, topically as well as internally. Here are some specific ideas:

⇒ Add a drop to your moisturizer to support youthful looking skin.
⇒ Take internally to support a healthy immune system.
⇒ Add a drop to your warm tea to help soothe the body and mind before bed.
⇒ Its relaxing qualities may help support healthy blood pressure levels and overall cardiovascular health.

Why are they a Perfect Pair?

We believe that Roman Chamomile is Lavender’s Perfect Pairing, and there are many reasons why. They have many overlapping health benefits specifically in support of emotional health. When diffused, we believe that doTERRA Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils make the ultimate calming pair.

Both oils have relaxing and calming qualities to them. They both can be taken internally, diffused aromatically and applied topically to support feelings of contentment. They both help combat anxious feelings, irritability and anger.

But MOSTLY, they are the Perfect Pair because of their ability to be used with the WHOLE FAMILY. Lavender and Roman Chamomile are gentle enough to use on adults and children to help calm either feelings and/or occasional skin irritations.

It’s Simple.
  1. Add water to an essential oil diffuser.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of each doTERRA lavender and roman chamomile CPTG essential oils.
  3. Turn on the diffuser in your bedroom or baby nursery.
  4. Get to resting!

You can also apply 1 drop of Lavender and Roman Chamomile oil with 3 drops of carrier oil to your feet and chest before bed to support restful sleep.
*Dilute 1-2 drops of each in a 10ml bottle for young children. Try applying during times of teething as well along the outside of the baby’s jawline!

Also see: doTERRA’s All-Natural Baby Powder Recipe using this Perfect Pairing.

Where to buy Lavender and Roman Chamomile Essential oil?

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Why doTERRA essential oils?

It is important to understand the purity and potency of the products you’re using to promote your health and wellness. doTERRA essential oils are the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils on the market.

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Why not try this Perfect Pair?! And once you do, please comment and tell us what you think! 


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